Final Book Review

For this assignment, please do the following:

1. Read a book that we have in our library. Email your teacher with your title well ahead of the due date.

2. Provide the following:

    • Title (4 points)
    • Author (4 points)
    • Length of book (2 points)
    • Brief plot summary, including a mention of the main character and other major characters. Be careful not to give away the ending, though! (2-3 paragraphs) (15 points)
    • Your personal recommendation-Who would like this book? Recommend this book to readers of a specific age level, gender, and/or interest. (1 paragraph) (10 points)

3. Edit all of your work for correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure (20 points).

4. Post your information on Mrs. Mepham's Google Classroom. The classroom code is bx78igi and you have been invited through your school email. Mrs. Mepham may Tweet out your link on the library Twitter account (30 points).

5. Print out your review and make a placard (or small sign) with your plot summary and display the book on a library shelf (15 points).

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