Begin Inventory Assignment (50 points)

Inventory Instructions
  1. See Mrs. Mepham for your assigned shelves and instructions.
  2. She will set up your inventory in the Destiny system. You will use a laptop computer and scanner.
  3. Write down the first and last call number that you scan each day. Turn that in to Mrs. Mepham at the end of each week. This is how you earn credit for this assignment.
  4. As you scan each book, look carefully at the call number on the spine label and on the screen. These must match. The computer will display a warning if a book is out of order. When books are in the wrong location, please move them to their correct location.
  5. If you find a book with any kind of problem (wrong call number, jacket upside down, damaged, etc. ) attach a sticky note with the problem noted and give it to Mrs. Mepham.
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