Weekly Project Sign-up (5 points)

First come, first served!

You will need to sign up for a project that you will complete on a weekly basis. Please read what other people have signed up for as well so that you can be sure that yours is still available.

Sign up on the Google form using the link below. Please remember that you must do your project every week.

To receive credit for your project, you will need to show it to your teacher.


  1. Make a min. of 3 book slides for library kiosk each week (4 people).
  2. Set up "eye catchers": ten books in Fiction section, ten books in Nonfiction section, and five books in Junior Fiction section on shelves. Re-shelve old books and update weekly (1 person).
  3. Modify bulletin boards: 1 large every other week OR 1 small every week (2 people).
  4. Set up 12-15 display books across from the checkout counter and change the books in the white spindle rack. Re-shelve old books and update weekly(1 person).
  5. Remove old signs and replace with at least 3 new per week for the library (2 people)
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