Course Syllabus

Applied Technology & Media Services II

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mrs. J. Bellinger

School Phone: 828-6601, ext. 3308    Home Phone: 989-289-1355


Course Description: This class is an elective class for students preferably in grades 11 and 12.  Students must have a working knowledge of computer hardware and software.  They will assist in simple maintenance, loading new programs, supervision of computer terminals, and helping students and staff. Students will also participate in the day-to-day operations of the media center and be involved in such activities as patron assistance; shelving, checking in/out, and processing materials; supervision and assistance with computer terminals; information processing skills; and the opportunity for special projects.  There will be periodic evaluation and review, and attendance will affect grades.  Permission from the media specialist and completion of an application form are required before signing up for this class.

This course aligns with the Career Pathways areas of Arts and Crafts (A & C), and Business, Management, Marketing and Technology (BMMT), and Human Services (HUS).

Materials Used:

  • Moodle course website
  • Media Center technology and resources


  • Grades will be based on the Shepherd High School Grading Guidelines, with 20% coming from daily assignments and 80% from tests and performance.

Grading Scale:

            A = 92.5-100%           A- = 89.5-92.4%         B+ = 86.5-87.4%

            B = 82.5-86.4%           B- = 79.5-82.4%         C+ = 76.5-79.4%

            C = 72.5-76.4%           C- = 69.5-72.4%         D+ = 66.5-69.4%

            D = 62.5-66.4%          D- = 59.7-62.4%         E = 59.69% or below

Course Work:

All students will be evaluated on their Attendance, completion of Media Center Duties (Productivity), and Assignments.

Attendance grades will be figured based upon daily attendance. Students are allowed three absences per trimester (not including field trips or other school-related absences). After three absences, points will be deducted from the students' Productivity score.

Media Center Duties include the following:

  • Keeping hourly usage statistics
  • Assisting patrons with book location and checkout
  • Collecting and returning books to the shelves
  • Facilitating use of computer laptops
  • Answering Media Center phones
  • Other tasks as requested

 Assignments include the following:

  • Moodle activities
    • Acquainting Yourself with the Media Center (required for all students)
  • One other Blackboard project to be determined with Media Specialist
  • Technology assistance
  • Provide technological assistance as needed
  • Media Center project
    • Assume responsibility for a project within the Media Center (to be determined with the Media Specialist)
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