Top Ten Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

10. Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

To take a screenshot of the entire screen press the Ctrl key and the Switcher key at the same time:

chromebook screenshot

Just need a bit of the screen? Pressing the following keyboard combo will allow you to select a section of the screen to snap:

chromebook partial screenshot

9. Open File Manager

Opening the file manager in Chrome OS is easy using a trackpad or mouse (especially if you pin it to the app shelf) but keyboard aficionados aren’t left out: just tap the following pairing.


8. Open Task Manager

Is Chrome suddenly running slow? it could be a rogue extension or webpage sucking up your resources.  Identify the culprit using the task manager.


7. Launch Apps on the Shelf

Applications pinned to the Shelf (the bar at the bottom of the screen in Chrome OS) can be opened using a keyboard shortcut.

The first app in from the left – count the Chrome icon as 0 – is 1, the next 2, and so on until you reach 8.


6. Lock the Screen

If you’re going to leave your computer unattended for a short period (say, whilst you go grab a coffee refill) you may wish to lock your screen to prevent anyone else meddling with your session.

To do this just press the following key combo:

lock chrome os screen

5. Open the Hotdog

Opening the Hotdog menu in Chrome isn’t exactly hard, but if you’ve hooked your device up to a huge monitor it can be a fair ol’ scroll up. Save some time and open it with the following command/


4. Toggle Caps Lock On/Off

Most Chromebooks don’t come with a dedicated Caps Lock key. So how do you turn it on when you need to rant in the internet type in capital letters?

Just hit the following key combo to turn it on, and turn it back off when you’re done.


3. Logout

In a rush to quit your session? Some finger gymnastics will have you out in a snap.


2. Mirror Monitor

If you plan on connecting your Chromebook to an external monitor (or TV) at some point then the ‘Mirror Monitor’ shortcut is a neat one. Rather than add an additional workspace it simply mirrors the Chromebook’s screen.


1. Show Keyboard Shortcut Overlay

It’s a little bit meta, but the ultimate keyboard shortcut is the one that reveals all keyboard shortcuts!


Last modified: Saturday, September 12, 2015, 10:54 AM