Course Wrap-up: Did you meet your goals?

Directions: First, look back at your goal-setting post from the beginning of the year. Then, use the questions below to evaluate your success in achieving those goals.

  1. After looking at your description of a successful trimester in computers, would you say that you were or were not successful? 
  2. What types of things did you learn or improve upon (for example: typing speed, finding accurate resources, learning new STEM tools, reviewing internet safety, finding some career options that interest you, learning more about Google Tools or Microsoft Excel, learning about cloud computing, etc.)? 
  3. What kind of grades did did you earn?
  4. What are some strategies you utilized to make sure that you earned and learned what you wanted this trimester (for example: had very good attendance, used class time wisely, asked for help when needed, completed all assignments, turned work in on time, always did my best, etc.)?
  5. What might you do differently in the future? Explain.
  6. What might you do differently in the future to ensure that you meet your goals for success in your classes? Explain.

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