Xello Career Exploration

19 Finding Pictures

Next, we will use Google Advanced Search to find pictures that are open and available for you to use in your upcoming career project. It is important to make sure that you are using pictures from the Internet that the owners don't mind you using in your projects. 

  1. Next to "all these words," type in the career that interests you. 
  2. Next scroll down to "usage rights," and select "free to use, share, or modify."
  3. Select and save pictures by right-clicking and choosing Save Image As. (HINT: Remember to save to your 7th grade folder!)
  4. Create a new Google Doc and name it "Citing Images."
  5. Insert your image into the Google Doc.
  6. Go back to your web image to get the URL by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy Image Address.
  7. Go to http://www.easybib.com/ and select create manual citation.
  8. Enter the key pieces of information: title, publisher/sponsor, and image address (URL).

  1. Click Create Citation. 
  2. Paste this citation into your Google Doc.
  3. Make 3 citations.
  4. Share the Google Doc with your teacher.