Xello Career Exploration

18 Practice Citing Websites

  1. Open the website easybib.com. This website makes it easy to give credit where credit is due! 
  2. Open the document attached here, make a copy, and share it with your teacher.
  3. Research the answers to the questions and type the answers in the document. 
  4. For each answer, use easybib.com to create a source citation. Watch the video as many times as you need to! (PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot find info like the author, etc., you may leave that field blank. Many times, websites do not list authors.)
  5. Double-check your citations! They should look something like this: "John Kasich to Suspend Presidential Campaign, Senior Adviser Says." NBC News. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 May 2016.
  6. Make sure your name is on your document.
  7. Use Save As to save your document to your account.
  8. Print your completed assignment.