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MakerSpace/STEM Lab

Site: Shepherd
Course: 7th Grade Computers
Book: MakerSpace/STEM Lab
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Date: Sunday, 20 September 2020, 7:19 PM

3 Keva Planks

5 Engineering Ideas

4 Strawbees

Idea images

8 Take-Apart Lab

In the take-apart lab, please keep the individual parts of the item intact as much as possible. Use the Stem Lab Planning and Reflection Sheet to document the parts that you are able to identify from your item as you disassemble it.

Motherboard diagram

Monitor basics

9 Makey Makey

Video Introduction

Piano YouTube Video and Website for Piano/Website for Animal Sounds

Banana and aluminum foil keyboard YouTube Video & Scratch Coding Template

10 Medical Practice

Please see your teacher for the folder of printed materials for this MakerSpace workstation.