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Learning About Media

5 "Newsworthy" Media

Activity: Using Boolean search operators (AND, OR, NOT) take 5 minutes online to find an advertisement that you can use to deconstruct what we have learned.


  1. How did you find it? What grabbed your attention? Was it the design, wording, format, visuals? Or was it the topic itself that drew you in? 
  2. Who is this media intended for? 
  3. What is the message?
  4. Think about bias. Bias means having an unfair opinion FOR or AGAINST something. Instead of admitting that there are good qualities and bad qualities of something, the author focuses only on the good. Do you see this on your website?
  5.  If you do see bias, please complete this statement: My website shows bias because it only shows the (good or bad) ____________.
  6. Give two examples of wording that shows bias for only the good or bad of your topic:

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Click here to make a copy of my Google Doc template. Complete the document and put your name (and the name of any group members) on it. Print your completed project.