Week 10 Journal (10 points)

Required Elements of Journal


There are many online public libraries that provide helpful information for research. One of these is the Library of Congress, which is located athttp://www.loc.gov. Please go there and click on the Kids and Families link. Then pick one of the links on that screen to explore (for example American Memory or Today in History). In 2-4 sentences, tell which one you selected and what kind of information it provides. (up to 4 points possible)

Give an example of the type of assignment(s) you might complete using the link that you selected above. Explain how this resource would help in 2-4 sentences. (up to 4 points possible)

Work is proofread for spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, and other correct writing conventions (up to 2 points possible)

Points Possible (up to 10 points possible)

To submit your journal, please follow these directions:
  1. Type your journal in a word processing document.
  2. Save your work.
  3. Locate your completed worksheet by clicking on the "Browse" button below.
  4. Submit your work by clicking "Upload this File."