Bartleby's Website Assignment (30 points)

www.bartleby.comis a website that provides unlimited access to books and other information free of charge. Rather than having to visit a local library, you are able to access these materials via the Internet. The website is organized into the following categories of information:

  • Reference
  • Verse (poetry)
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

There is also a powerful search bar that will allow you to look up information within the entire Bartleby website, in just the reference section, or in a specific resource. Please go to the next page for your assignment.

There is a wealth of research information available to you online, and Bartleby's website is a great place to start. To familiarize yourself with what it has to offer, please do the following:

  1. Think of a word that motivates you in your life. For example, you might select success, motivation, joy, friendship, life, happiness, contentment, teamwork or any other word that best relates to you.
  2. Use a website such as Look up the definition of the word that you selected and type it in a word processing document.
  3. Next, look for a quotations book under Reference on the Bartleby's website. For example, you might select Bartlett's Quotations. In the search box, enter the word that you selected above for number 1.
  4. Look through the quotations and select one that best reflects your relationship to this word. Add this quotation to your word processing document.
  5. Next, search the literary works on this website, and provide the title and author of one that relates to the word that you selected from number 1 above. You may do this either through a general search on the home page or by going to the Fiction or Nonfiction areas of the website. Add the title and author of this work to your word processing document.
  6. Now it's time to bring your document to life visually! Using a free clipart website such as or the clipart within your word processing program, please add a picture to your word processing document that represents the word that you selected.You may also opt to include your own digital photograph instead.
  7. Finally, please pull all of this information together. In a detailed paragraph (8-10 sentences) at the end of your word processing document, explain the following:
    • Why did you select the word that you selected?
    • How does the quotation that you selected relate to you?
    • In what way does the literary work connect to this word?
    • How does the picture that you selected represent this word?
  8. SAVE your work and then click on "Upload this Document." Please be sure to double-check yourself using the rubric. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!