Why are civics, politics, and government relevant to our lives as Americans?

Can individuals make a difference?

  1. Students will target the relevance of civics, politics, and government as Americans in this course so that their lives can be benefited.

  2. Students will analyze  the elements of American political culture and identify the fundamental principles that make up the American political system

  3. Students will understand the history, structure, and powers of the Constitution

  4. Students will assess the importance of civil liberties and civil rights and the need for them in a democracy

  5. Students will analyze how individuals and groups participate in the political process, are influenced by and linked to political institutions, and develop values of effective citizenship.  

  6. Students will analyze and investigate the structure of American political institutions and their effect on the political process, citizens and policies.  

  7. Students will develop the understanding of the impact and the importance of civic involvement in a democratic society.

  8. Students will develop and refine the skill of creating and developing claims in form of an argument and position

  9. The student will use evidence from multiple sources to develop viewpoints.

  10. Students will interpret and integrate information from primary and secondary sources

  11. Students will evaluate information and sources of varying elements with comparing and contrasting perspectives  

  12. Students will analyze the causes of events and effects of multiple results.

  13. The student will develop and refine the skills of Argumentative Writing with a high depth of analysis.