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    You must scan your QR code every day in your supervising teacher's room!  If your phone
    doesn't work, use your Chromebook.  Also, using your Chromebook, write in your attendance journal each day.  Your grade
    will be affected by your attendance and journal entries each day.

    Student Mentor Evaluation by Teacher Word Doc
    Student Mentor Evaluation by Teacher PDF
    Your supervising teacher will complete a Student Mentor Evaluation at mid-term and at the end of the trimester. 
    You will be evaluated on your punctuality, attendance, commitment, how well you work with the students and your
    overall performance.  This evaluation will serve as a tool for the student, supervising teacher and the Student
    Mentor Coordinator to help improve the mentor program.  Click on the link above to see the Evaluation.

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    Mentoring... Students helping students

    Syllabus/Mentor Agreement