Topic outline

  • U1.1 American Indian Life in the Americas Testlet

    Describe the life of peoples living in North America before European exploration.

  • U1.2 European Exploration Testlet

    Identify the causes and consequences of European exploration and colonization.

  • U1.3 African Life Before the 16th Century Testlet

    Describe the lives of peoples living in western Africa prior to the 16th century.

  • U1.4 Three World Interactions Testlet

    Describe the environmental, political, and cultural consequences of the interactions among European, African, and American Indian peoples in the late 15th through the 17th century.

  • U2.1 European Struggle for Control of North America Testlet

    Compare the regional settlement patterns and describe significant developments in Southern, New England, and the mid-Atlantic colonies

  • U2.2 European Slave Trade and Slavery in Colonial America Testlet

    Analyze the development of the slave system in the Americas and its impact upon the life of Africans.

  • U2.3 Life in Colonial America Testlet

    Distinguish among and explain the reasons for regional differences in colonial America.

  • U3.1 Causes of the American Revolution Testlet

    Identify the major political, economic, and ideological reasons for the American Revolution.

  • U3.2 The American Revolution and Its Consequences Testlet

    Explain the multi-faceted nature of the American Revolution and its consequences.

  • U3.3 Creating New Government(s) and a New Constitution Testlet

    Explain some of the challenges faced by the new nation under the Articles of Confederation, and analyze the development of the Constitution as a new plan for governing.

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